War of 1812 (individuals, causes/effects, campaigns, etc.)

Students will write a 3-4 page historical research paper concerning any event, individual, war, movement, etc. discussed throughout the semester. Please clear topics with me! Papers should:
• Be formatted in either MLA or Chicago Style format;
• Contain at least one (1) primary source and at least two (2) secondary sources;
• Use one of these three prompts to guide your writing:
o Scenario #1: No one has written about my topic. Despite this scholarly neglect, my paper explains the significance of my research topic and offers a provisional interpretation of this new material.
o Scenario #2: A few scholars have written about my topic, but gaps and deficiencies in the literature still exist. My paper examines new or different evidence to correct these shortcomings.
o Scenario #3: Many scholars have written about my topic. Despite this attention, my paper calls for a reassessment of the existing literature based on recent findingiqus, new methodologies, or original questions.

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