The purpose of the assignment is to focus on your individual management development, helping to map your progress as a future successful business manager and to consider relevant future management traits and subsequent behaviours.

Assessment Brief: First Attempt
1. Assessment Overview
1.1. Rationale
The purpose of the assignment is to focus on your individual management development, helping to map your progress as a future successful business manager and to consider relevant future management traits and subsequent behaviours.
Reflective practice is a vital element in business, not only in achieving and maintaining effective organisational performance but also in supporting continuing professional development (CPD). Through this module students develop the depth of their understanding of the critical issues in relation to the development of interpersonal skills within the workplace and for modern working life.
Students will be given the opportunity to record competencies using such platforms as LinkedIn, Mahara and other types of e-portfolio. The module delivery mechanisms encourage students to further develop independent learning approaches and to capture and reflect more deeply upon the evidence they have gathered during their careers so far. This enables them to identify areas of strength and areas for development within both academic and employment contexts. Students produce and action plan to apply their learning and prioritise each activity in line with their personal, educational and career goals.
2. Assessment Brief
2.1. Required tasks:
Create and upload a 10 minute video which incorporates all of the following elements:
1. Part One- Mindset Argument: ‘Managers need to be reflective professional practitioners in order to be effective at work. More importantly, they need to have a growth, rather than a fixed, mindset.’
-Create a well-reasoned and balanced argument using relevant theories, models, concepts and examples to critically evaluate what this means to you and what the implications are for your working experiences during your career.
2. Part Two- Your Management Competences: Building on your analysis from Part One, critically evaluate your own current and future management competences. How does what you have identified in Part One relate to your own management development?
-What examples, using specific evidence (including evidence of your learning from your in-class activities), can you provide to demonstrate your approach to your own reflective professional practice at work and/or from your co-curricular activities?
-You should rate each competence out of ten, showing your strengths and your areas for development.
3. Part Three- Your PDP: In order to address your findings from Part Two, create a personal development plan with clearly identified short, medium and long term measurable (SMART) objectives and actions.
4. Part Four- Your One Minute Message: Present your information in a logical and clearly structured way which is appropriate to the target audience (employers).
-Included within your ten minute presentation, you must provide a one minute message aimed at your potential future employer.
-This one minute high impact message is for you to demonstrate to your future employer:
a) What you have learned about your management competences during this module (for example what you have achieved for your top three competences)
b) What you can offer to that employer (for example what makes you unique and, therefore, employable, to them).
You must include a References List, in Harvard format, as the final slide at the end of your presentation.
2.2. Word count: Time allocation
The time allocation for your video submission is 10 minutes (+/- 10%, maximum 11 minutes). You are required to produce a voice-over presentation which includes a video thumbnail on screen of you presenting.
If your presentation uses less than, or exceeds, the stipulated time duration (which is 10 minutes plus 10%, making a maximum duration of 11 minutes) by more than 10%, then a deduction of the mark awarded will be made to reflect that you have not met the assessment requirements. Alternatively, any presentation which goes beyond the maximum 11 minutes allowed, the additional time and content may be disregarded and not marked.
For the purpose of this video submission, you are NOT required to declare the number of words used in your presentation.
You must include a References list in Harvard format, clearly shown in word-processed format at the end of your video presentation, so that the marker can see it clearly.
Material submitted as an appendix may provide background for your assignment, but will not be marked. If you decide to use appendices, it is important that you cross-refer to them within main text of your presentation. Please ensure that the appendices do not constitute additional material unrelated to that included in the body of your assignment. If you do not specifically refer to this work within the main presentation, then this additional information will not be not considered.
2.3. Submission
Your work should be submitted online via the link provided in the Assessment area of the module’s Moodle page. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted.
Please follow the University policy regarding online submission and submitting assignments on time (see Page 1 for the Late Submission Policy).
Please note that the rules for Turnitin do not currently apply to video submissions.
2.4. Formatting and presentation
The video format and upload information will be discussed during the lectures and further instructions are explained in detail on Moodle.
Your presentation should first be designed and created using PowerPoint or Prezi and then uploaded to video making software such as Screencast-o-matic (or similar) to add the video voice-over. The instructions for this are on Moodle and will be discussed during the lectures and seminar sessions.
• Use an appropriate font, such as Arial size 11, for your presentation slides
• Each slide should be numbered, for ease of feedback
• Your video presentation must be formal in language and style
• Please remember that this is a level 6 academic piece of work and it will be marked accordingly.

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