The Game (Fincher, 1997)

This paper asks you to develop a sustained, analytical essay of seven pages that engages in a critical
interpretation of a film or work of literature we have not viewed or read in this course. Each paper must make
reference to at least two course texts and one scholarly source external to our class. One of the scholarly sources
must have a substantial analytical presence in the paper – this means you need to think critically about how to
frame your argument with the support of the ideas or concepts in one of our readings while using at least two
others to elaborate your claims throughout. This does not mean that the claims of another author should overtake
your own arguments but that they should inform your thinking. In regard to the third external source, it should
be a well-researched item of cultural analysis related to literature or cultural studies scholarship. All papers must
use correct Chicago citation style (which you can access online). This includes citing all films and documents
the first time using a footnote, with all subsequent references to scholarly texts indicated with page numbers in
parenthesis (this includes statements that implicitly reference a scholarly argument even if they don’t directly
quote it). Subsequent references to films will be assumed after the first footnote and do not require further
Format: – All papers should be double-spaced, in 12-point font (Times New Roman), with 1-inch margins, an
original title, and a header including your last name and page numbers in the upper right hand corner.

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