Reading Review.

**The Following is only a sketch or outline of an accepted Reading Review. This
is a format that works for me and does not have to be followed exactly; but it is
intended is to give you a better overview of my expectation!
“Title of Reading”
Reading Review
By: Student’s Name
First, begin the reading review by giving a purpose for why this document was written. Generally,
this information can be found in the Preface or in the introductory sections. This is when the author
states exactly what one is intended to gain from the reading and other goals of his/her writings.
Now, provide a summary in your own words. This should be the largest section of the review.
This is an overview of the entire reading and discusses what you have gained from your reading.
This section is considered the body of your review and should discuss that in which you think is
what the author intended to prove through the writing.
Next, discuss the format of the reading. Tell whether it was an easy read, and if not, discuss some
difficulties. Discuss any challenges that you may have faced in reading. Also, discuss the high
points and what most interested you. Explain how the reading related to the course in which you are
enrolled and other topics that we have discussed or will discuss throughout the duration of the
class. Relate the materials of this reading to the expected results/course outline for this class and
the common outcomes for all courses. Also, discuss how the reading made you feel — whether it
provided information on a new topic or if it was very redundant, and read like something that you
had already read — are examples of the reactions that are needed

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