Germany in Motion: Migration, Integration and Political Transformation 1945 – 2015. You have 10 questions to choose from, please feel free to choose the one that is closest to you

Essay titles
1. To what extent has German society become more open to
accepting the integration of migrants?
2. How far can current processes of migration into the Federal
Republic of Germany after 1945 be compared with processes of
migration that affected Germany before 1945?
3. In what way did industrialisation affect patterns of migration in
4. In what way did Expellees shape the political culture of the
Federal Republic of Germany?
5. To what extent could the migration of East Germans to West
Germany before 1990 be described as a form of economic
6. Why did so many Germans struggle with the possibility that
Germany might be a country of immigration so long after the guest
worker programme was ended?
7. How far have diaspora communities been able to shape German
political life in their interests?
8. Does the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers by the German
state match the human rights aspirations of the German
9. To what extent has the migration “crisis” faced by Germany in the
2010s now come to an end?
10. How open is the German political system for the rise of politicians
with diaspora backgrounds?

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