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A research paper is your opportunity to investigate and formulate an argument about a particular subject. Choose
one of the following topics to research:
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For this assignment, you will develop a dialectical argument, in which you consider opposing sides of an
argument and determine a reasonable approach to resolving the conflict (or why the most reasonable solution is
the one you support). Make use of the resources posted in the Research Paper Folder on the Blackboard page for
this class to help you use sources, as well as those provided by the ACC Library databases. All sources must be
published between 2018 and 2020 to present a current argument. Do not use blogs, personal web pages, or
Wikipedia as sources for this paper. You may also use the articles in the Research Paper folder on Blackboard.
In this research paper, you must develop your argument according to the following template:
¶ 1: Introduction. Draw your reader in with an engaging opening sentence and write your way to your thesis in
the last sentence of the paragraph. (Consider using one of the strategies offered in the “Effective Introductions”
handout on Blackboard.)
¶ 2: Summary of opposing viewpoint article: introduce and present the thesis and main supporting arguments of
the article without expressing your opinion.
¶ 3: Explain something about the opposing article that you agree with or something that is explained effectively
or reasonably, even if you don’t completely agree with it.
¶ 4: Point out what you do not agree with in the article.
¶ 5: Present your stance on the issue, using your own reasoning.
¶ 6: Present research that supports your argument (you may use two paragraphs to do this, if need be).
¶ 7: Explain why the disagreement between the opposing arguments matters. What is the bigger picture?
¶ 8: Create a bridge, or possible middle ground, between the opposing arguments, or explain why a middle
ground is not possible.
¶ 9: Conclusion. Consider using one of the strategies offered in the “Effective Conclusions” handout.
Length and Format: 4 – 6 typed pages, double-spaced. Use a 10- or 12-point, professional-looking font. Use 1-
inch margins on all sides of the paper. On the first page of your paper, include the title of your paper, your name,
and the class’s identifying information. Attach a Works Cited that conforms to MLA guidelines to the end of you
paper. Use the MLA 8 Guide on Blackboard to ensure correct documentation of your sources. Upload completed
rough draft to Brainfuse for a review by December 4. Failure to do so will result in the loss of a letter grade on
the final grade for the paper. Final draft due is December 11. Only papers submitted to Blackboard by December
11 will be counted as “on time.”
Sources: At least four (4) reputable, peer-reviewed sources. They may be print sources or online sources, BUT
websites will only be counted as acceptable sources for this assignment if they are official government or
organization websites, and you may use articles from published, print sources that also appear online (for
example, newspapers or news websites like KXAN or The Austin Chronicle). Do make use of the articles in the
ACC Library databases. Do not use blogs, personal web pages, or Wikipedia as sources for this paper.

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