The Lavender Oaks care home in Oakley Green relies greatly on government funding to keep the organization running


The Lavender Oaks care home in Oakley Green relies greatly on government funding to keep the organization running. However, the residential home is facing a large reduction in funding from the Department of Health (DoH) due to expenses being focused towards tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. It is three months away from the end of the financial year and funding is due to be cut by 45%. This will result in the care home having to reduce administrative costs by replacing some of the on-site geriatricians with less costly nursing staff and having to make some workers redundant. The manager of the care facility must produce a detailed action plan within the next month outlining the steps they are going to implement to reduce the administrative costs and how they are going to effectively manage the facility moving forward. ​

Another issue the facility must take into consideration is safely following Covid-19 guidelines when changing the staff rota. The new staff must self-isolate for 14 days prior to working at the facility to ensure they do not cause an outbreak, which will mean that in the two-week period between the old staff becoming redundant and the new staff joining the facility there will be a further shortage in staffing. To ease this transition, the manager must consult with the long-term employees and gather their thoughts on how to re-assign themselves to extra roles in order to keep the facility running efficiently. ​

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  • Briefly describe Human Relations Theory
  • Apply Human Relations Theory (Elton Mayo) to the case study above.

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I don’t want you to describe the theory too much, just describe it briefly. And focus on applying the Human relations theory to the case study above.

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