As a part of your role, you have been assigned to analyse the company and foreign market entry strategies.

  1. Details of the Assignment
    Assignment name: Coursework – 5,000 Word Essay
    Component Number: 1
    Assignment weighting: 100%
    Assignment details: You are to assume that you have recently been employed by one of the top 100 MNEs (ranked by
    PricewaterhouseCoopers*) which is planning for an overseas expansion. If you like to work on a different MNE, you need to
    get approval from your tutor.

  2. As a part of your role, you have been assigned to analyse the company and foreign market entry strategies.
    In your first task (1500 words), you need to analyse the firm to identify the key factors influencing your chosen MNE. The
    supporting statements on the company analysis should be evidence based with references.

  3. In your second task (3500 words), you need to analyse the potential entry modes for different countries. You should also
    apply at least one international business theory (e.g. eclectic theory, Uppsala model, network theory, international production
    life cycle etc). There are two key sections:
    required to
    explain the theory in the context of foreign market operation of your chosen company and industry. (1,500 words)
    mode for each of those markets. You are expected to justify the choice of potential markets and suitability of the entry modes
    that you have identified. (2,000 words)

  4. Further Guidance:
    i.In all parts of your assessments, you should present evidence-based analysis not just description.
    ii. You are expected to use Harvard Referencing System as required by the university.
    iii. A full reference (not part of the word count) should be provided.
    iv. Supporting appendices (not part of the word count) could be used.
    Title: Assignment Brief. Version 1. Page 3 of 7
    v. You need to submit your assignments through turn-it-in.

  5. Format:
    i.The report is limited to 5000 words. The word count includes everything in the main body of the text (including headings,
    tables, citations, quotes etc). It does not include your reference list/cover page/appendices.
    ii. The word count should be clearly stated on the first page of the assignment.
  6. iii. Please follow these formatting guidelines:
    a. Font / Size: Times New Roman / 12
    b. Spacing / Sides: 1.5 / Single Sided
    c. Page numbers required? Yes
    d. Margins: At least 2.54 to left and right and text ‘justified’
    e. Referencing: Full compliance with Harvard protocols

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