Shanghai has become an overpopulated city in China. Discuss the problems of overpopulation and solutions.

• Word limit 1,500 – 1,800 (+/- 10%)
• Drafting and feedback is done in and out of class, with peers and teachers
• Feedback may be verbal or written
• APA citation must be used
Content / Task Achievement
• Is the response to the question relevant and detailed?
• Is the discussion controlled and logical?
• Is the thesis statement clear and precise?
• Has the student produced an SPSE essay?
• Has the student met the word limit?
• Are resources relevant and reliable?
• Is there a variety of sources used?
• Are ideas supported with evidence and have they been skilfully and appropriately integrated? Is there evidence of analysis?
• Are ideas consistent to the thesis and question?
• Are there clear paragraphs (TEEEL)?
• Is there synthesis of ideas?
• Is there cohesion of ideas and can the ideas be followed clearly by the reader?
• Do the paragraphs reflect the required structure of the SPSE essay?
• Is there evidence of control of language?
• Has the student attempted a range of grammatical structures?
• Has the student used appropriate and academic vocabulary?
• Is the language formal?
• Does the language reflect understanding?

• Are resources varied?
• Are all ideas from the research paraphrased?
• Are the APA citations correct?
• Are the APA citations used in a variety of ways?
• Is the reference list in alphabetical order?
• Are there at least 8 -10 references

Use of drafting process (it might be worth keeping a record of this during the writing of the essay – electronic drafting may assist with documentation)
• Has the student been proactive with the drafting process?
• Has the student shown the ability to work independently?
• Can the student demonstrate that they have used the feedback?

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