Select a behavioral health self-help group or a behavioral health organization in the community.

Select a behavioral health self-help group or a behavioral health organization in the community.
For this second part of the assignment, you are required to attend and observe an open meeting of your self help group or visit/observe at the behavioral health organization of your choice. This can be ONLINE (Preferred) or ON-SITE (at your own risk due to COVID).
In this assignment, you will provide an overview of your observations, what you learned and a reflection of your feelings, beliefs and attitudes concerning the behavioral health issue facing the individuals involved in the organization or group you have selected to observe.
Remember that many groups like AA and Al-Anon, NA, and Overeaters anonymous all have many meetings a week at all different times fo the day and night, so making time for the assignment should not be an issue regardless of work or family options. Please make time for the assignment.
Please review the grading rubric PRIOR to creating your paper and BEFORE you submit your paper, please check it against the grading rubric to ensure that you have met the criteria. Be sure to include the following:
This assignment is worth 10% of your grade. Please come to the discussion board and present an overview of your selected self help group or behavioral health organization. Include the following:
1. The name of your behavioral self-help group or organization (5%)
2. A brief history of the group/organization including the behavioral issue that that gave rise to the group (15%)
3. Describe the population served by the group (age/demographics) (10%)
4. Describe how services are paid for by participants. Is this group a for profit? Not for profit? Do people participate by donation? Is the group free to participants? If so, how are the services funded (remember there is no “free” lunch). (25%)
5. What were your personal impressions, feelings about this group’s efforts/services? What was your visit to the group/organization like for you? (25%)
6. APA citations to support the informatiiquon in your post/good grammar/spelling/well written (10%)

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