Parts of the Research Paper
Your research paper will contain the following sections :
● Introduction: What is your research question? What past research has been conducted on this topic? What is your contribution to the literature? What are your hypotheses?
● Methods: What exactly did you do in order to conduct your study? What specific measures or manipulations did you administer?
● Results: What do the data “say”? What are the relationships between your variables?
● Discussion: What are the key takeaways from your paper? What are some of the limitations of your research, and what additional questions would be interesting and important to explore in future research?
● References: What research did you cite? You should cite at least 5 empirical articles from peer-reviewed journals using APA format.
Your final project research paper should be uploaded as a .pdf document, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins. Late submissions will be penalized. Just write your paper and write it well. Simple writing is good writing.
Final Research Paper : Grading Rubric
Title Page and Introduction
● Title page in APA format + Abstract less than 250 words that summarizes the paper
● Review of past literature includes at least 5 citations, identifies the need for additional research (i.e., your study) and helps focus a broad question to specific hypotheses (both null and alternative) for main effects and potential confound or interaction effects]
● Participants described (sample size, age, sex, incentives, recruitment.
● Procedures and methods are relevant to study hypothesis, and described with enough detail for another researcher to replicate the study.
● Dependent variable is a continuous measure and described and evaluated in terms of reliability and validity
● Measures / Manipulation for two independent variables are described and evaluated in terms of reliability and validity
● Findings summarized and related to past research / the real world
● Discussion of at least one limitations, why this limitation mattered / influenced the results, and ways future research might address these limitations or answer new questions
● Paper contained typos and mistakes that demonstrated lack of effort in writing
● Paper and / or references not did not use APA format

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