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Once the research topic overview assignment is approved, you are ready to write a comprehensive research
proposal. The preparation of proposals is preliminary to securing work contracts and to preparing business
reports in both professional and academic contexts. Of particular importance is that the research adheres to the
highest ethical standards. At this stage, all ethical issues must be identified and addressed appropriately. Your
proposal must be on the same topic as your research topic overview assignment, and should include the
components noted below. Written assignments should be submitted in Brightspace (see “Assessments”
“Assignments”, then submit in appropriate folder).Title Page and Table of Contents (2 marks)Start with a title
page that includes the title of your research project, along with the author, intended recipient, and submission
date (see text, page 266, for sample). In addition, prepare a table of contents (use appropriate formatting and
headings; see text, page 268, for sample).Project Summary (12 marks)Purpose of the Study (2): Clearly state, in
sentence form, the objective(s) you will achieve by completingthis study. Viewed another way, what is the
question your proposal hopes to answer? The purpose/question must agree with the title of your research
project.Scope (2):Define the boundaries of the study and state in specific terms what will be included and
excluded. The extent of this section will depend on the topic chosen. The specific points of the study must match
the questions in the primary research.Literature Review (5): Complete a comprehensive review of the secondary
research using proper APA documentation. In-text citations are mandatory here when presenting ideas that are
not your own. The review must include at least five sources. These can include those used in the research topic
overview assignment as well as additional credible sources. The review should provide the reader with a clear
understanding of the current research in your topic. For more information on literature reviews, please carefully
read the “comments on research topic overview assignments” file in Brightspace. Methodology (3): Specify the
method you propose (e.g., surveys or interviews) to conduct the primary research on your topic and the rationale
for this decision. Identify the population you will study further, the type of sample you might use, the types of
questions you might ask, etc. Please carefully review chapter 10 for information about methodology.
Statement of Ethical Issues (3 marks)Identify any ethical issues associated with the research and indicate how
you can address these issues.Please carefully review the PowerPoint slides for chapter 10 for more
information.Reference List (1 marks)Cite sources used in this proposal (particularly in but not exclusive to the
literature review) in APA format. For more information on in-text citations and reference lists, please carefully
read the “comments on research topic overview assignments” file in Brightspace.Appendices (2 marks)Include
the following in separate appendices:Appendix A: Please include a copy of the instrument that one would use if
carrying out your research project (e.g., a questionnaire)
Appendix B: A signed Research Proposal Checklist to verify that you have read and complied with the
assignment requirements. You will find this in Brightspace as the file “proposal checkli

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