Medical system in India

India has its own very elaborate and systematic systems of thought and practice about illness and healing. Investigate:
• What is the understanding of the body?
• What is the nosology (disease classification system)?
• How is health conceptualized? Is it the absence of the disease or something more holistic?
• What are the various kinds of treatments?
• Howiqu does it interface with conventional biomedicine?
Content Arrangement: Your research report is based on your seminar presentation and therefore, should be arranged accordingly:
Introduction: This section introduces us to your research topic and can include:
Scope; Rationale; Aim or Objective of the study.
Research Design: This section should clearly mention how you have organised your research, selection of your topic, research hypothesis and research questions.
Theoretical Background: Discuss some of the important studies that you have consulted and their bearings on your study. Also, discuss the theoretical approach taken in your study and its impact on your selected study.
Results and Discussion: The findings of your study. Discuss the major attributes of your study. Also, summarise and discuss your study particularly in relation to existing literature. Does your study suggest some innovative directions? Are there any research gaps that you have identified? Depending on your research topic, are there any intervention strategies in place? What are the success rates for implementation? Any long-term studies that deal with monitoring and evaluation of these strategies? Depending on your study topic, what are some of the benefits and limitations of your study?
The Anthropological Perspective: Connect your study to the theoretical constructs that exist in medical anthropology. Remember, anthropological studies are holistic and critical in perspective. As anthropologists we have to examine any issue from several angles.
Conclusion or Practical Relevance: Summarise your overall study very briefly and cite the major attributes of your findings. Suggest how your study can be beneficial to medical anthropologists or health practitioners/ administrators. What are the gaps in literature that you came across while conducting your study? Are there ways to address these gaps with policies or short term intervention programs?

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