Improving employee engagement at Birmingham city council. Critically evaluate the approach Birmingham city council has taken to addressing the HR problems it faced across the organisation (70%). What future HR challenges can you foresee, and what recommendations would you make for adressing these (30%)

– 2000 words.
– 5 page case study to read to write the essay
– at least 20-25 references
– use benchmarking
– ALL Key Theories have to be used
– When considering future challenges ensure that you have considered both internal and external challenges for
All of the following key theories have to be used
Drivers of Engagement:
ALFES ET AL (2010)
•meaningful work (the most important)
•senior management vision and communication
•positive perceptions of one’s line manager
•employee voice
•employee voice
•strong strategic narrative
•organisational integrity
•engaging managers
1. Employee voice – focus groups; workshops; training BEST leaders to take over running of workshops
2. Visibly empowering leadership and strategic narrative – Stephen Hughes, CE + political leadership
3. Organisational integrity – recognising & addressing issues with the BEST programme
4. Engaging managers – ? offering opportunities for all ? Employee development opportunities
Engagement & change management
12/6/2020 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/5
◦ Social Exchange Theory: Engagement driven by norms of reciprocity
◦ Affective Events Theory: Engagement driven by positive feelings
◦ Job Demands-Resources Theory: Engagement depleted by lack of resources
◦ Kotter’s 8 step change management process
◦ Lewin’s 3 step change management model
◦ Hayes 6 step change model
◦ Balogun and Hope-Hailey’s (2004) Change Kaleidoscope

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