Health Need Assessment (HNA) Report of A Given Population

A HNA of London Borough of Southwark Focusing On Public Health Issue Of Childhood Obesity.
Assignment Brief:
A 5000 word written report, weighting 100% of the Module mark. This means there is only one summative
assessment on this Module.
The Assessment is based on a health needs assessment (HNA) for a particular population in a chosen local area.
The coursework requires you to identify, examine and analyse the health needs of a particular population in
relation to relevant health determinants and current healthcare service provision within a particular area (local
authority) and then critique a resultant health needs assessment.
Interpret and discuss the health needs and current service provision, using these as the evidence-base for drawing
local area priorities and recommendations for intervention service design, planning, development, delivery,
monitoring and evaluation in relation to the health needs of the respective population. Whilst you develop your
work from existing HNA and public health reports, think of your work as the latest and most updated evidencebased HNA report prepared for (or required by) commissioners in the local area to commission healthcare
services for the chosen population.
In the Report, you should clearly underline the health needs of the chosen population and through your
suggested priorities and recommendations for service provision, show how these should be met. Your priorities
and recommendations should take into account that your Report is to be considered as the latest HNA for the
chosen population in the chosen local area. Therefore, this should also take into consideration the challenges
facing the local authority and how these can be negotiated in order to implement your HNA more effectively in
the local area in relation to the chosen population. As such, the Report priorities and recommendations provide
the base for a comprehensive discussion on “how to make it happen”.The Report should clearly discuss the epidemiologic context of health problem/s and the health needs of the
chosen population including the current service provision and utilisation by the population. This should
underline and discuss clearly the health inequalities that exist and their determinants in relation to the chosen
Think of what should be the local priorities for commissioners and other local area stakeholders with interest in
the HNA in relation to the chosen population. Thus, the Report’s recommendations should show how the local
area priorities can be achieved.

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