Ethics in Criminal JUstice

You are the captain in charge of the planning and research division of a large metropolitan police department. Your city, like many in current times, is suffering from the dual problems of low police moral and recruitment as well as public distrust and criticism due to negative media coverage regarding police action shootings. Your department Chief has seen that the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has recently published a YouTube video of actual footage surrounding a recent police action shooting in order to provide a certain amount of “transparency” surrounding police action shootings (watch the video titled “IMPD OIS Pleasant” linked above.) The chief has asked for your recommendation regarding a policy for your department concerning providing similar videos.
Make an ethical analysis of posting prompt, actual video footage of police shooting incidents and decide if having such a policy is best for your institution by doing the following:
1. READ the assigned article (linked above) on information transparency as not an ethical principle in itself, but as a “pro-ethical condition.” The article discusses information transparency from a technology perspective, but is relevant to your consideration of this problem.
2. CHOOSE the two ethical theories which we have discussed earlier this semester which you believe are the most compelling for making good, ethical decisions and apply them to the problem. Tell how information transparency might or might not be a “pro-ethical condition” for application of your chosen ethical theories.
3. FIND three peer reviewed academic articles on police ethics, particularly on information transparencyy issues on your own and apply those to the problem.
4. Conclude what policy would be the most ethical decision based on a careful consideration of steps 1, 2 & 3 above. Make sure to include arguments on both sides of the issues before concluding whiiquch is the best choice.

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