First, you will write a research paper on a conflict and negotiation that is occurring in the present day.
Part 1: Write an 8 page research paper in APA format (not including the cover page and reference page). Please use the APA Sample provided in the Student Resources of this course to complete your assignment.
Your topic must be current and for that, you will need a news article. Hint: When you enter the LIRN, select the Vendor View, then select InfoTrac Newsstand and enter your search terms.
For your paper, ensure that your analysis is thorough. You may address more topics but your paper may address the following:
· Identify the conflict and negotiation issues.
· Assess the situation. Can you identify the BATNA?
· Describe the parties and their relationships.
· Describe the current alternatives that seem to be on the table for consideration.
· What power struggles exist and which party appears to have more power?
· Do both sides appear to be negotiating in good faith and fairly? Is their behavior ethical?
· Identify the threats to the successful negotiation (which ones from the textbook did you identify?)
· How would Howard Raiffa’s theories apply to the negotiation?
· What coalitions appear to be in place? Do you think these could change?
· What third party intervention is occurring and does it appear helpful or not?
· What cultural differences are there? (Hint: even if the parties are from the same country, there can be cultural differences – consider blue collar workers and college educated executives).
· What are some pie-expanding alternatives that the parties could consider?
· How has electronic communication affected the negotiation (think about President Trump’s tweets – how might a similar situation affect the negotiation?)
· What might be the best outcome? The worst? What happens if the status quo remains in place?
Click here for a document that has suggested topics for your final project. You are not required to use one of these topics, but you must obtain Instructor approval if you do not use one of these topics.
Please see the topic attached and additional reading material attached.
***must include citations from at least 10 peer review articles.
***communicating with me every step of this project is on this is very important
***the topic that was chosen
ENVIRONMENTAL AGREEMENTS (think of the Paris Accord or other international environmental
AGREEMENTS. International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavioiqur, 8(3), 396-424.
Retrieved from https://search.proquest.com/docview/212019681?accountid=143980

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