Emory Douglas’s with The Black Panther Party

Each entry must be 300-500 words with images. Your journal entries should strive to be informative, interesting,
and reflective. Make this project your own! Get excited about it and what you’re learning! The first entry must
introduce the topic and give a brief history of the movement and the associated graphic design. The second
through fourth entries must contain a discussion of the art and/or artists, their history, and important information
about their involvement in the movements and collectives. The last entry must be your conclusion. If you are
focusing on a past movement or artist, do you see these images being used by today’s activists? How? Do you
see any connection with today’s activist graphic design? Make sure you cite your information! A failure to cite is
plagiarism. If you don’t know when and how to cite, please see me during office hours and I will be happy to
show you.
Each entry and accompanying image(s) will be written and inserted directly into the journal interface. DO NOT
attach a Word or PDF document. This assignment has a rubrics — please read it before you start your first
journal entry so that you know exactly what is expected.
In a journal entry of 300-500 words, reflect on what this project taught you. Did you learn what you expected to
learn? What surprised you? How has it changed the way you think about today’s political activism and the
graphic design associated with it? Add anything you want to this post. This a chance for you to really think
about this project. At the end of your reflection, please add a final bibliography (it does not need to be
annotated) written in correct and current MLA or Chicago Manual of Style format.
topic :Emory Douglas’s with The Black Panther Party

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