Crisis Intervention Presentation to City Council

You are the director of the Office of Emergency Management in Pleasantville City, U.S., and the mayor has
requested that you present on community resilience and trauma at the next council meeting. The mayor is
concerned about community resilience and wants to ensure that the city officials understand the importance of
and how to develop a community that is more resilient to disasters. This is a critical presentation because the
mayor is requesting an increase in funds to support crisis intervention programs in the community.
Your presentation should:
Describe community disaster resilience and the factors related to coping with trauma and disasters.
Demonstrate how the factors impact the development and maintenance of a disaster resilient community.
Analyze the traumatic impacts a disaster can have on a community.
Describe the resilience strategies that can be used in communities.
Provide the council with an example of a community that has integrated crisis intervention strategies to
strengthen their community’s resilience.
Recommend innovative solutions to your council members to make the community more disaster resilient from
crisis to reduce the effects of trauma on its citizens.

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