Behavioral Health Film Analysis

Media portrays mental illness in many ways, most of which are prejudicial to those with mental illness. You will watch 1 film from a list of choices. Other than the references, the paper need not be in APA format. This assignment is 15% of your grade. Your paper will be scan through a plagiarism website. Please do the following:
Watch the film. Analyze the film as follows:
Brief summary of the plot (what is this film about) – 15%
A factual discussion of the disease upon which the film is focused. 15%
A comparison between the actual disease entity and the film portrayal.- 25%
Lessons learned – what can we learn from this film? Do we need more activism to combat ignorance about mental illness based upon this film or is this film accurate in its portrayal. What suggestions do you have for improving viewpoints on the need for mental health care and obtaining better mental health services? 25%
Correct grammar, spelling and a correctly cited APA reference page
Refereniquce to find 1 film from either website

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