Applications in aviation

Identify current issues, regulations, and practices, and address related legal considerations on your chosen topic, using proper legal terminology throughout. You must cite at least 5 references
Non-Air Carrier Commercial Aviation
1. Close Up Aviation Corp. is a commercial helicopter operator specializing in providing air support to Hollywood motion picture and television production companies using specially-trained and highly-experienced flight crews and aircraft equipped with the latest technology in gyro-stabilized camera mounts for air-to-ground and air-to-air cinematography. Typically, Close Up furnishes the flight crews and aircraft, while the production company provides the cameras, along with on-board cinematographers and related technical personnel. The company will be providing its services to the producers of a new action thriller, and much of the flying will involve high-speed maneuvering flight at very low altitudes over broken terrain, between buildings, under bridges and powerlines and in very close proximity to actors and camera crews on the ground, vehicles and other participating aircraft, and amidst explosions and other pyrotechnics. Close Up is also considering adding appropriate camera-carrying unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to its fleet of camera aircraft, and hiring and training crews to operate them. Some of the more dangerous shots might be accomplished using those aircraft instead of the manned helicopters. A group of prospective investors in the movie hires you to review the production company plan of aviation operations and advise them on risk management concerns. Research and prepare a paper covering the following:
a. Determine which individuals and companies could be deemed to be an “operator” of aircraft (both manned and unmanned) involved in this project, for FAR compliance purposes.
b. Identify specific Federal Aviation Regulations involved and FAA certificates of waiver or authorization required.
c. Analyze whether these operations might be considered an ultrahazardous activity in the eyes of the law, and the effect of that determination on the level of legal risk Close Up and the production company will be exposed to in these operations.
d. Itemize with specificity insurance coverages that both the production company and Close Up Aviation Corp. should have in place to cover potential injuries to their respective employees.
e. Identify and describe with specificity aircraft insurance (for both the manned and unmanned aircraft) Close Up should have in place to cover potential aircraft damage, injuries to others, and damage to the property of others that might result from these operations.
f. Identify and describe any additional insurance you consider it prudent for Close Up and the production company to have in place in case an accident causes injuries and/or damages that exceed the liability limits of the policies you identified above.
g. Analyze and identify any legal risk management tool(s) that might be useful in addition to the foregoing in these operations.
Topic Selection: Commercial Aviation- Aviation Corporation
Commercial Aviation
Abstract: (What I have so far)
Commercial aviation is a branch of civil aviation that includes operating aircrafts for multiple load cargo and transport of passengers. The origin of the commercial air act was to begin by setting standards, promotion, and facilitation. In addition, an aeronautical branch was founded on in the commerce department to promote commercial aviation.
Close Up Aviation Corp is a helicopter operator that offers support to Hollywood motion picture, including television production companies by trained and flight crews that are experienced. Additionally, they offer flight crew and equipped aircraft that have the latest technology in cameras that are gyro-stabilized. These cameras are mounted for air to ground and air to air cinematography.
The specific federal aviation involved and the FAA certificate of waiver is the airworthiness certification. This include aircraft registration, aircraft registration branch, and aircraft records and aircraft registration. These laws apply to every person in the country. Federal civil rights and the anti-discrimination protect against age, racial, gender and discrimination of the disability.
These operations are considered as ultra-hazardous activities because they are very dangerous since a person involved in these activities is held liable for the accidents that are as a result of other people. In addition, the insurance company is the liability policy. It covers the legal cost, including pay-outs of an insured party. It is a policy that is taken by people who need to cover injuries to property and other people in case accidents occur. Risk management tools involved are the process of brainstorming, root cause analysis, register of risks, impact matrix, and probability (Merna & AL-Thani, 2015).
Merna, T. & AL-Thani, F. (2015). Risk management tools and techniques. In Corporate Risk Management (pp. 67-107). John Wiles & Sons Inc.

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