1920s and how American defied tradition/backlash from that

Instructions –
First, read the essay prompt and guidelines. Next, view the primary sources and
primary source collections in the Final Essay Materials folder on Beachboard.
You do not need to read all of the sources, but you will want to read enough of them so that you can select several of them to use as evidence in your paper.
As you look over the sources, take notes that will help you answer the prompt. Use your notes to develop a thesis statement that directly answers the prompt. Next, with your thesis statement in mind, prepare an outline for your essay that includes
a topic sentence for each planned body paragraph and that lists the evidence you plan to use. Develop your outline into a first draft. Review and revise your work to produce a final draft. Submit your completed essay to the Formal Essay Dropbox folder on Beachboard by the due date.
Prompt – Using a selection of the provided primary sources as evidence, discuss some of the ways that Americans embraced modernity and defied tradition during the 1920s. Discuss as well some of the backlash that arose in reaction to societal changes. Moreover, discuss what these rebels and reactionaries tell us about notions of race, clasiqus, and gender in 1920s America

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