What is the impact of the UK economy on the procurement routes adopted in the UK Construction sector?

The aim of this research study is:
What is the impact of the UK economy on the procurement routes adopted in the UK construction sector?
The main objectives are:
To identify, examine and appraise most commonly used procurement routes in the UK in respect to their
effectiveness, performance and familiarity amongst construction professionals.
To examine the significance of the selection procedure and identify factors affecting the decision making of
procurement routes.
To explore the relationship between the UK economy and the UK construction sector.
To investigate the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the UK construction industry and more
specifically, whether it has/will have an impact on procurement routes selected.
To investigate whether the conditions of the UK economy have an influence on procurements routes selected.
Essentially, the dissertation research project will attempt to bring economics with quantity surveying. A specific
topic within the Quantity Surveying profession is the selection of appropriate procurement routes. Usually, the
most significant factors influencing the choice of procurement routes is ‘time, cost and quality’ amongst others.
However, the economic conditions or state of the economy (whether we are in a recession or economic boom)
isn’t put to the same degree of importance as these other factors. The performance of the UK construction
industry is very much dependant on the current economic conditions, hence why I think greater emphasis and
importance should be placed on ‘the economic conditions’ as a determining factor for procurement route choice.
In addition, the current COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial effect on the UK construction industry,
similar to what the global financial crisis in 2008 had. So, it’s essential to investigate whether the current
pandemic has had/or will have an impact on the type of procurement routes will be adopted amongst the UK
construction industry.

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