To investigate the effective ways in prevent the elderly patient fall in Hong Kong hospital

Your Dissertation Supervisor
I am pleased to inform you that Dr Sally Davis has agreed to be your Dissertation Supervisor. Please use your University email account to contact her directly via as soon as possible to confirm your topic and suggest a research question. Please do remember that the topic you have suggested on the form is a guide and is likely to be amended when you discuss with your supervisor. In addition, please email Sally a suggested timeline for your work and clarify with her any holiday periods where she will be unable to comment on your drafts.
Please also note the following advice from your Module Leader, Dr Pras Ramluggun:
1. The LSM provides comprehensive advice regarding the preparation of your Critical Literature Review. Please consult carefully throughout your supervision period.
2. Please make sure you check that your research question has not been fully answered in a recent (last five years) literature review. If you are unsure about this, please seek advice from your supervisor.
3. Whilst you clarify and agree your PICO question with your supervisor you are likely to email back and forth several times- your supervisor will be expecting this email conversation so please do engage! The right question is the MOST important aspect of your dissertation so please spend time getting this right. Remember to mention the relevance of your research topic to your nursing practice in your introduction chapter.
4. You must only send ONE chapter at a time- allow five working days for feedback.
5. You must only send ONE draft of each chapter- in other words you cannot make corrections and then re-send for further comment. Please ensure you address the feedback provided by your supervisor. However, if you are unclear about the feedback given or have a general query then please do email your supervisor and they will be happy to help.
6. The deadline for feedback is two week before the submission date after which time the supervisor will not comment as this wouldn’t allow enough time for corrections.
Dissertation Title Page
You are required to use the attached Dissertation Title Page as the first page for the FINAL SUBMISSION via VLE-Moodle, i.e. it is not required for drafts. A blank page is added right after the Dissertation Title Page so you can simply put your finished chapters there. Please be reminded that you can only submit ONE word / PDF document for the final submission onto VLE-Moodle, i.e. submitting chapter by chapter is not allowed.
Dissertation Examples
There are some past Dissertations available on request at AIEHK office for your reference. The past Dissertations are INTERNAL references, i.e. they cannot be taken out of AIEHK office. You are welcomed to come and have a look during our office hours.

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