This final assignment builds off of the brainstorming lesson you did for the Wasteland documentary.

Waste Land

This final assignment builds off of the brainstorming lesson you did for the Wasteland documentary.
You spent a lot of time considering a particular group or culture to address through art. Now it is time to execute this idea. I understand this is not an art class, so I will not be grading on the formal elements of art. I will be looking at the following areas for this final assignment’s assessment:
1). How well do you articulate your art ideas/concepts?
2). Do you show that you have learned and can apply at least three terms from the textbook Critical Ethnography and can meaningfully apply these terms to your cultural group?
3). Did you identify material/medium that reflects your culture? How did you apply this material/medium within your art project? For example, the medium Vic Muniz used was trash to create his portraits and then he photographed the end result.
4). How effectively/creatively does this material represent your culture?
Part 1). The outcome of your artwork. The final art can take the forms discussed in the Wasteland assignment, including the of medium photography, film, painting, collage’, drawing, sculpture, poetry, spoken word, creative writing, mixed media, new media, voiceover slide presentation in creative format etc. If this is a time-based work, it should be at least 3 minutes long. If it is a still work of art such as a drawing or sculpture, enough evidence in creation should be seen in the outcome. Again, I am looking at intent and development rather than at artistic quality.
Part 2). A 400 to 600 word analysis of your work. This can be refined from your brainstorming activity from the Wasteland forum. You will want to refine this so that it is presented as an essay that reflects your intent for the artwork and addresses the 3 main key concepts from the textbook.

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