teaching observations

Classroom Observation- Checklist
The student included the following required components in their Observation Reflections:
___ Key classroom information including grade, as number of students in the class, ability level, etc. ( based upon what you observed in each video)
___ A description of the classes and lessons that were taught as well as any other information that is relevant.
___ Description of the lessons taught.  What was being taught, what were the objectives, assessment strategies, as well as teaching strategies that were used?  Were the goals of the lessons met?
___ Observations of the strategies that the teacher used to help the students learn
___ Comments on specific teaching and/or classroom management strategies that seemed effective or ineffective.
___ A concluding piece in which the observer reflects on his/her learning during the class and observation process and how it will help him/her to make decisions about teaching, learning, and classroom management.
___ The observation journal summary reports are a minimum of 2 paragraphs per observation
___The final paper is a minimum of 5 pages that includes final reflection with reasonable margins and 12 point type.
___ The observation report has been proofread and is free of spelling, grammar, or stylistic errors.
___The student references ideas that we read in our text or discussed in class or online when analyzing their experience.

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