Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control
Find an article in ERIC and write a critique:
Use the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) (Links to an external site.) to find an article that meets the following criteria.
• Peer-reviewed.
• Full text available on ERIC.
• Contains the words “Statistical Process Control”
Download the full-text article and write a four-paragraph (maximum) critique of the article.
The article must include the following:
• Bibliographical Detail
o Author
o Title
o Source
o Date
• Abstract of Major Ideas – Synthesis of the big ideas of the article reviewed.
• Critical Evaluation of Major Ideas
o Substantiation of the idea by good logic.
o Adequacy of supporting arguments and reasoning.
o Degree to which author’s point of view agrees with your own.
• Implications – What is the meaning of the author’s ideas regarding what needs to be done in the area of interest, i.e., aviation/aerospace, etc.?
Then Address the following questions:
• Describe the processes/categories of Statistical Quality Control used in your article.
• Explain the author(s) use of descriptive statistics in measuring quality characteristics.
• Identify and describe causes of variation in your article.
• Explain the author(s) process of acceptance sampling and describe the use of “quality” curves reported.
• Describe the challenges inherent in measuring quality in your article.

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