Sociology of Contemporary Society – What were the social consequences of mass production?

The presentation has to be a total of 10 slides and has to have a bibliography at the end in Harvard referencing.
For each slide there should be 1/2 references. Its important to relate the points made back to the presentation
The best order I can think of presenting the information for the presentation that answers the question is:
1. Explain why sociologists seem to place such importance on the organisation of production is society
2. Explaining mass production
3. Explaining what is it about the Fordist way of organising production that is so significant. Also including the
concept of Fordism and how it came about.
4. Explain in what ways flexible work practices benefit or disadvantage the following groups: management/
5. Explaining the social consequences of mass production
6. Overall conclusion/ statement that answers the presentation question
I have attached multiple pdf files. One of the files includes a list of all the sources that are needed for the
presentation as they were provided by my uni. I also attached a file showing an example of how the slides should
look like in terms of how and what information should be presented. I added some of the sources already so you
don’t have to search them up.

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