Reflective dignity essay

Essay title is: Reflective Dignity Essay. 2000 word essay can’t go over… it needs to be on a positive reflection
upon a clinical experience in which dignity was maintained. Introduction needs to be 200 words approx then sub
headings using the Gibbs Reflective Cycle. Also use the health care support worker code of conduct as
referencing… ref list should be included at the end of the essay and should be presented according to the APA 7
guide. A statement of confidentiality should be used in the introduction. Needs to be in size 12 Ariel font. 1.5 or
double line spacing. Good communication needs to be mentioned on how it supports dignity. I’ve been told main
body the description needs to be approx 200
Thoughts/ feelings 150 no referencing
What went well what not so well no referencing 150
Analysis critical discussion and reflection 400 words : what is dignity reference needed
What is respect how it supports dignity and how experience demonstrates I maintained dignity reference needed
What is individualised care how it supports dignity reference needed
What is cultural sensitivity how it supports dignity reference needed
Conclusion (of reflection) what I learnt about dignity and my practice 100 words use references
Action plan: if a similar situation happened in the future what would I do based on what I learnt to ensure care is
better ( can use reference from above) 159 words
Please make sure it’s APA 7 !!!

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