Pilgrimage in Islamic World

The goal of a proposal is to present the main questions and evidence that will guide your essay.
You must write this part of your assignment as a formal proposal, using paragraphs and
footnotes. You should use sub-headings for each section (see below). Remember, however,
that this is a PROPOSAL, not a research essay. You are proposing (positing, suggesting, putting
forward) the ideas and questions that your research essay MIGHT cover, based on the evidence
you have gathered so far. Your proposal should not be DEFINITIVE. It should not provide all of
the answers to your research question(s). Rather it should indicate your current thoughts on a
topic and the direction you think your research will take.
Please double-space and use the Chicago Manual of Style format for footnotes and a
bibliography. Submit to Canvas.
Include the following sections in your proposal. The questions are a guide and what you discuss
in each section should answer them.
1. Your main research question and any subsidiary or related questions. One to two
paragraphs discussing what your topic is about and why you are interested in it. This
should include a discussion of the context of your topic: time period? Place? Persons
involved and their background? (less than 1 page)
2. Secondary Sources (aka historiography) (2 to 3 pages max.)
Historians refer to this section of a proposal as the historiography or scholarly context of
a topic. Essentially your goal is to survey what other scholars have written about your
topic. You will do this using the three secondary sources you found for part two of the
Research Trail. Discuss how your proposed project is related to or fits into or challenges
these secondary sources.
In this section:
• summarize the main arguments of each secondary source (a total of three)
• compare the sources to each other
• pose any questions you have about these articles
How might these secondary sources help answer your research question?
3. Primary Sources (2 to 3 pages max)
Describe your primary sources. Provide contextual information about them (who was
the author? Background? When written? Where? Why written? What are they about?).
Discuss how these primary sources might help you answer your research question. Pose
questions that you have about your primary sources that are related to your research
4. Conclusion (no more than 1 page)
In the final section of your proposal, discuss what the central points of your research
essay might be, if you were to write one. Would you organize your paper thematically or
chronologically? What might your potential thesis statement or main argument look
5. Bibliography
Provide a list of your primary and secondary sources, formatted according to the
Chicago Manual of style

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