Assessment 3: Refine and Present Solution – RequirementsAssessment 3: Refine and Present Solution –
Using the problem from assessment 1 (attached) and the feedback from assessment 2 (attached) create and
An infographic displaying your final solution
2 min video outlining the infographic/solution
Luke explains this assessment task in the Assessment 3 Flyover.

NOTE: You can create your infographic in anything you like. But to make it easy for you we have included
some examples and tutorials below that you can reference to support your learning.
Your infographic can be simple or more complex. While it should be visually pleasing, graphic design is not the
focus, the most important thing is to present the key points of your solution succinctly and in an easily digestible
Example 1
Here’s an example of a simple infographic. Click the thumbnail to open the graphic in a new window.
List of top 7 worst fast fashion offenders. Title at the top, introductory statement below that. Numbers 1-7 in a
vertical line down the centre of the graphic, with a short statement corresponding to each number on alternating
sides. Logo of the creator on the bottom left.
Created by love, delphine.
Example 2
Here is an example of a more complex infographic. Click the thumbnail to open the graphic in a new window.
Vertical graphic with title at the top and various images and corresponding captions running down the page.

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