Human Violations in Rwanda

Total of 25 points worth 25% of your final grade2
(25 points): Uploaded paper to fulfilling listed requirements.
In the paper you will analyze ONE ongoing human rights’ situation in one country as a political
analyst for the United Nations, who has been hired to assess the situation and offer
recommendations. Your boss at the UN has asked you to write a 10-15 page memorandum
(EXCLUDING the reference sheet) evaluating the situation. The memorandum must be
formatted as follows:
1) History of the country as related to human rights. Describe your chosen country’s
history as it relates to the human rights situation you are analyzing. Be sure to mention
the main groups involved in the conflict giving rise to the human rights violation.
Provide any relevant political context. Include references to the historical status of your
country’s ratification of the 9 core human rights treaties. You may use the attached sheet
to organize your research. You should determine which treaties your country has ratified
and/or denounced and if there are any significant reservations which affect your human
rights violation.
2) Current human rights violations. Describe and analyze the current human rights violation
in your country. State how the human rights crisis has specifically violated the U.N
Declaration and relevant conventions and treaties noting if the country is a signatory to
those international obligations. Also state whether the situation violates any of the
country’s domestic laws.
3) Plan of action policy proposals. Propose a plan of action for dealing with your chosen
human rights situation. This may include humanitarian or other interventions, transitional
justice solutions, action by domestic and international groups and politicians, action by
society, media, etc. This will depend on whether the human rights’ situation involves
war or not. Be creative.
*Double spaced, 12 point font. 1” margins.
*No title page. No excessive quotations. No block quotations.
*References should appear in a separate alphabetized reference sheet in the style indicated above
*Sources for final paper: At least 10 sources: 5 of which must be from scholarly journal articles
or books. The other half can be from newspaper articles or opinion pieces or reports from
NGO’s such as Amnesty International. You can also use these if you go beyond 10 sources.
-Prior to submitting your paper, be sure to reread my policy regarding plagiarism and late
assignments. You can use the 5 sources from the first assignment here as well.
-You may not use your work for another class for this assignment.
Point distribution for research paper:
Overall arguments: 14 points
Use of sources/citations: 5 points
Writing, grammar, proofreading: 6 points

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