Christian Marriage

Read the directions carefully:
In light of the thoughts and feelings we have about our world’s current state of affairs, the perpetual lockdown restrictions, the inability to see the face and smile of a stranger, the lack of social interactions, the lack of communal experiences, the restrictions on personal freedoms, the uptick in rates of suicide, depression, domestic violence, porn addiction, alcohol and drug abuse, and divorce rates which have been exacerbated by the lockdown, the social upheaval, and the uncertainties of tomorrow’s conditions of life, you are asked to write a letter to your future spouse. If you are already married, you are writing a letter to your spouse, which you are then encouraged to then lovingly present to them. If you are dating someone now, you are still writing to your future spouse, and you are also encouraged to present it to the one you’re dating lovingly.
You will read the document entitled Homily for the Feast Day of St. Nektarios of Aigina, which was delivered by an Orthodox Christian priest on the evening of November 8th, 2020, in Boston, Massachusetts. Although not overly explicitly or extensively, the homily touches ever so slightly on themes of politics, slander, and marriage, while it mainly focuses on Christ’s words of “I am the Door,” and on the theme of salvation.
The goal of your letter is to formally articulate the lifelong goals, reasons, intentions, vows, ideals, preconditions, expectations, apprehensions and fears you have of the marriage and family life you hope create with your future spouse. You will also include the reasons why you would be a reliable life-long partner, as well as the reasons why you could also be someone very difficult to get along and live with. You will outline the qualities you have which you are proud to stand behind, but you will also articulate the weaknesses you have either discovered on your own, or someone you trust has pointed out to you.
Your letter will incorporate and draw from the ideas we’ve explored and discovered through the reading material, videos, and discussion boards of this course. Your religious and political conviction or lack thereof matters not to this assignment—but I nevertheless want to see examples of the course the material embroidered in your letter. In other words, you will use what resonated with you along the way to support your goals, reasons, intentions, ideals, etc.
This letter is for you.
The format of the letter must be:
1. a minimum of 3 single-spaced pages.
2. a standard one-inch margins.
3. Times New Roman; 12pt
4. citing the material you use from the course. I would love to know wheiqure you drew supporting ideas from.

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