Social workers need to communicate effectively with a variety of people in various settings to ensure good practice

Social workers need to communicate effectively with a variety of people in various
settings to ensure good practice. An understanding of communication, interpersonal
skills, awareness of self and the ability to reflect on communication exchanges is
For the duration of this module you have been required to keep a reflective journal,
as a resource which is central in monitoring the development of your communication
skills. You will identify existing and new communication skills (verbal and nonverbal)
strategies (interventions), along with an awareness of how your personal and
professional values impact on your communication with others. Review your
reflective journal and decide which aspects of the goldfish bowl (listener or speaker),
which was of significance for you and that you would like to reflect on in the essay.
1. In approximately 1000 words, say how and why it was of significance by
exploring the following:
a. what you brought with you to the session (mind set, emotional state
and events before a lecture/seminar can impact on the way we engage
with the process, and it is important to become aware of this dimension
and how it may affect your response)
b. your immediate response to the aspect, concept or incident which
was of significance for you.
c. did your response connect to any previous experience?
d. your communication skills relating to the aspect, concept or
incident which you choose to explore
Remember to draw on literature and sources to provide an understanding of the
incident and the way in which you communicated
2. In approximately 1000 words, identify strengths and areas of further personal
and professional development that were revealed in this self-reflection. Do this
by reflecting on
e. what you have learned, drawing on relevant sources in the
literature to support this discussion
f. what you could have done differently
3. In approximately 500 words say what actions you could take to address these
areas of development and build on the strengths.
Additional guidance for this assessment
• Make absolutely sure that you do not use names, that everything is
anonymised and that you fully respect principles of confidentiality. For this
reflective journal assessment you should write in the first person.
• Part of communication is the ability to demonstrate effective use of written
skills. Therefore the manner in which you have communicated information
accurately in this assessment will be evaluated, specifically in relation to
correct spelling (use spellchecker or dictionary if necessary), correct citing of
references, constructed sentences so that your meaning is clear, and above
all a coherent structure. Note that to cite correctly you should use the Harvard
system for which you will find further guidance on the library website.
• In the course of the assessment you should use somewhere between 8 and
12 references to support your discussion.
• Do not use unattributed internet sources such as Wikipedia, as there is no
way of verifying that kind of information and it may well be incorrect. Nor
should you use PowerPoints presented by lecturers as direct quotes. If you
wish to include content presented in the lectures, refer to the original source
found in the reference list

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