Medical Marijuana for Pain Management

Purpose: For the final assignment, you will integrate all of the work that you have done thus far into your complete research paper! Use your Literature Review submission as the base for this final assignment. You do not have to recreate the final research paper from scratch! The specific requirements are provided below, but please note the importance of reviewing the comments on your previous submission and making revisions. Submissions that do not include revisions to previously submitted information will receive deductions.
Points: 85 points
Submission Instructions:

o You must submit your paper in two places!
1. Submit your assignment for grading through the “Final Research Paper” module or the Assignments page. This is how you will receive feedback from me.
2. Next, submit your assignment using “attach file” feature of your group discussion board titled “Group Discussion – Final Research Paper.” This is how your peer partner will access your assignment to complete their required review.
o See syllabus for late submission grading policy
Formatting and Assignment Requirements
• Length: 10-12 pages, double spaced
o Page count does not include title or references pages, which are standard APA paper requirements.
 Points will be deducted if you do not submit at least 10 full pages of writing.
 After the 12th page of writing, remaining information will not be considered for grading (again, the page count does not include title or references pages).
o No abstract is required!
• Font: 12 point font; please use Times New Roman, Calibri, or Cambria
• Margins: 1 inch margins on all sides
• Format: paragraph form (no numbered lists, bullets, etc.) with complete sentences
Required Components (see rubric below for point values):
1. Introduction and review of the literature on your topic (revisions to what you submitted previously are required – please review comments on your last submission);
2. Description of the gaps or weaknesses (at least 2) identified in the currently available research (i.e., provide a critical analysis of the literature you reviewed – what is missing?);
3. Brief description of a hypothetical study you might conduct to fill the gaps you identified (for full credit, please describe the sample, type of design, data collection methods, etc. that you would use to address gaps/weaknesses you identified above); and
4. Summary of the implications of your topic for health practice (i.e., why is this topic/issue important or relevant to health practice? Is progress being made to improve the issue?).
Remember, your submission should also include in-text citations throughout the paper AND a complete References list at the end!
Grading Rubric
Below is a table describing the general components that are expected to be included in each submission and the point values associated with each component. Any deductions that are applied to your submission will be explained in comments that you will be able to view once all submissions have been graded.
Does the paper provide sufficient information and discussion in the following areas:
Introduction & literature/research study review
Analysis of gaps and weaknesses in the existing research data 17
Hypothetical plan for future research 17
Implications of the topic for health practice 17
Integration of feedback throughout the semester 5
Clarity of writing in the submission 6
Citations (frequency, formatting, etc.) 6

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