Influence of social agents (e.g., parents, coaches, peers) on participation in youth and adolescence sport.

Option 2: Influence of social agents (e.g., parents, coaches, peers) on participation in youth and adolescence sport.
Your assessment will include the following sections and subtitles:
Approximate Word Count: 250-500
This section should begin with a succinct introduction that sets the context for the overall assessment. The introduction component of this section should not include any critical evaluation, and instead, should set out why the topic is important either from a practical or theoretical perspective.
Review of Relevant Qualitative Literature
Approximate Word Count: 750-1000
This section includes a critical review and discussion of qualitative literature. To achieve this, you will need to critically appraise selected articles, discuss the methods, appraise the results, and identify themes, controversies and disagreements in the literature. The review must be presented in a logical manner. Tables can be used to summarise information. These tables will not be included in the word count provided that they are descriptive in nature; critical discussion of their content must be presented in the main body of the text. It will be important to justify why you have selected individual studies for further exploration, as ‘cherry picking’ of evidence represents a major limitation of any review.
Qualitative Analysis Help here
Approximate Word Count: 750-1000
You should begin this section with a succinct paragraph explaining the methods used (e.g., participant demographics, interviews/focus groups, HCA/thematic analysis, etc.). Data should then be presented in an appropriate and clear format depending on the method used. A summary of the data (e.g., themes) should be provided in the form of a table in the appendix (therefore not counted towards word count). Text is required throughout the section to explain to the reader what the results of your qualitative analysis show.
Additional the table is required I have attached already :themes ( but if you need a wjole interview please let me know
Conclusions Help here
Approximate Word Count: 250-500
A final succinct summary of the data analysis results should be provided including a summary of key findings from your data analysis in relation to the area of interest outlined in the introduction and literature review. This should include links to appropriate literature or models.

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