Examine the depiction of gender roles in an author’s works

Assignment: Please write a seven-page researched essay. So, you should first write your analytical essay and
then build on to that for your research paper.
“A doll’s house” by Ibsen.
Some possible topics for your research paper:
You could examine the issue of class representation in an author’s works
You could look at how race and/or ethnicity figure into any of the works we’ve read
You could examine how a particular work depicts issues of power or control
1. Your essay must contain a clear and meaningful thesis.
2. You must provide support for all major claims (both in the form of quotations from and references to the text
and from your outside sources).
3. Your essay must demonstrate effective organization, clear transitions between paragraphs and contain correct
grammar, spelling and punctuation.
4. You must adhere to proper MLA format
5. Your essay must contain 6 (relevant) outside sources.
Outside Sources:
An outside source can be a book or part of a book, a journal, or a review.
Instructions for quoting, paraphrasing, and creating in-text-citations using MLA style:
12/5/2020 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing
https://www.writershub.org/writer/orders/680391#instructions 4/5
I am working with the following source: Suozzo, Andrew. “The ChicagoMarathon and Urban Renaissance.” The
Journal of Popular Culture 36.1 (2002): 142-159.
Remember: Any quotation over four lines long needs to be indented ten spaces from the left-hand margin.
Where can I find sources?
All of your sources will come from the library in either the form of hard-copy books or online articles. The first
thing you should do is go the BCCC’s Library website and click on the link for online databases. There you will
find a list of all of the sites. Do a quick review of all of the ones that pertain to literature. Once you have your
topic, you will find articles that you can use for your paper. Most articles are available right from the source, if
not, you will need to contact the library to order the source for you. And of course, you should make use of the
library’s catalog to find books for your project.
Here’s the link for databases: https://www.bucks.edu/library/databases/

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