Don’t Tell Me You Love Me- Theology

For this exercise, you will be writing a letter.
Your letter will be addressed to Jacob, an orphan you are in the final stages of adopting. Jacob is 11 years old, and just a few days ago, he mustered up the courage to write you a letter. In his letter, he told you about his unshakeable fears of being placed under the permanent care of you and your spouse. He expressed how he never saw love exist between or even from his parents. He thought he understood love, but in hindsight, he understood it to be a form of abuse. For Jacob, love now has no meaning. He feels like he can’t love or trust, and even worse, he feels like he doesn’t know if he could ever feel the love from others. He is afraid that you and will end up doing what his biological parents did. In fact, at one point in his letter, he asks you, “why would you ever want to adopt me?”
Based on the material attached: Your task is to write an honest, meaningful, comforting, loving, truthful, and encouraging letter to Jacob. Among the things you choose write, be make sure also to explain your and your spouse’s understanding of what love is, and what love is not, and offer comforting insight as to why his biological parents couldn’t see theiquir parental vocation through.

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