dentify the main character in the case and their strategic / governance business issue(s)

Individually prepared case analysis of two cases, which will be selected by students from those in the casebook. Case analyses will be handed-in at the beginning of class. The case write-up should be approximately 8 in length, with exhibits. The student should write the case assignment from the perspective of the main character in the case whose business issue requires a solution. Any two cases may be selected. The case assignment should include the following:
• Identify the main character in the case and their strategic / governance business issue(s)
• Summarize the key case “question(s)” from the perspective of the main character, asking the question “what needs to be done now, soon, this year, in 3 years, in 10 years”?
• Using the casebook, course tools, and supplementary tools and information, conduct an analysis of the firm, its competitors, market, products, finances, people, operations, innovativeness, culture, and other business areas, to determine the root causes of the case issue(s) and identify potential short and long-run solutions
• What governance issues exist for the case organization? Who is responsible? What can be done and is recommended?
• Describe the governance failures and remediation actions taken by the companies. Were these sufficient? Conduct additional research to determine how the company is performing today.
• Go beyond the case facts in theorizing what the industry might look like in 2025 and 2050, and what the organization can do to stay relevant, growing current customers and acquiring new ones; ask what this company is doing/can do to become sustainable, create uncontested market space, develop wealth for stakeholders, and enhance profitability/other objective measurements
• Propose a solution(s) to the business problem(s). Create a detailed plan of action for the character/company to execute in order to solve their problem, enhance their competitiveness, and “win in the marketplace”, including the 5 W’s of how to execute on the plan

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