Define, explain, highlight the significance of and provide an example if relevant

Define, explain, highlight the significance of and provide an example if relevant.
You should write it based on the readings, lecture material, videos and examples to develop your answer. I have provided all the materials below and also, I uploaded some files.
This course is about sex and gender in relation to health and sport. So I want you write the paper based on this mentality that we are studying sex and gender in health and sport because we want to see the problems in sport organization. For example transgender people are not allowed to attend sport competition. But we all know that sport is an organization in which everyone has to have a chance to play (equally).
By implications and significance= why we study and explore this term (transgender and cig gender) in this course (sex and gender in relation to health and sport) and why it is important to study. (try to include a critical thinking and deep understanding)
Transgender vs. Cisgender
There are three readings:
– I have uploaded two of them and this is the link for the third one:
There are four videos:
I have uploaded the PowerPoint presentation of my professor (please check that and the paper should be based on the PowerPoint mostly)
These are the notes that my professor said in class:
– gender and sexuality structure and organize society in a specific and powerful way.
– When we talk about fairness that it is not fair to other participant to allow transgender people to participate in sport. But we see that men have privilege in sport over women and they have more advantage so where fairness is here. Cheating is happening at structural level but we think if we allow trans people to play sport it is like cheating.
– Gender is being policed in sport.
– However, sport is a site of possibility  to make changes happen
– Sport produces and reproduces injustice and privilege

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