Apply chemicals knowledge quiz

Every task must be completed satisfactorily to be assessed as competent in the unit.
* For graded units, competence must be demonstrated before a mark can be given.
Students may request reasonable adjustment for assessment tasks.
Reasonable adjustment usually involves varying:
 the processes for conducting the assessment (eg: allowing additional time, varying the venue)
 the evidence gathering techniques (eg: oral rather than written questioning, use of a scribe, modifications to equipment)
However, the evidence collected must allow the student to demonstrate all requirements of the unit.
Students can apply for Special Consideration where personal circumstances have adversely affected their task result or ability to undertake an assessment. A Special Consideration form can be completed prior to, but no later than 3 days after, the date of the assessment and submitted to the relevant Manager.
Assessment tasks that are not satisfactory can be resubmitted up until the end of the unit as scheduled on the Unit Outline. The timing on this may depend on the equipment required for this assessment task.
NOTE: Assessment tasks submitted for the first time after the end of the unit as scheduled on the Unit Outline will not be assessed and student should be told to re-enrol in the unit.
There are serious penalties for plagiarism. Students must ensure that all assessments are their own work (or group work).
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