Surveillance – Literature review

This is one literature review encompassing 4 articles. Please label (title) each of the sections mentioned below. One lit review for all 4 articles.
Significant findings
Measurement Tools, Statistical Test, Samples, Variables and Reliability
Construct Validity of the Research (Construct validity is the appropriateness of inferences made on the basis of observations or measurements (often test scores), specifically whether a test measures the intended construct.)
Face Validity of the Research and Results
Example abstract:
This literature review examines quantitative research related to older adults, including: ageism (in the workplace and generally in society), memory, their contributions to social capital, their generativity, race disparity amongst older adults, changes in social networks over the life course and health in older adults. A few of the articles reviewed here have significance to the author’s dissertation topic, a few will be disregarded due to challenges with construct and face validity, and still others introduce methodologies and further research questions that may be considered by the author in the future.
Keywords: older adults, social capital, generativity, construct validity, face validity, quantitative research, quantitative methodology

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