researched essay, you will develop a critical comparison of the themes of two of the pieces of literature

For the final researched essay, you will develop a critical comparison of the themes of two of the pieces of
literature you have read:
“The Yellow Wallpaper” and The House of Mirth (options: gender politics, misogyny, historical/cultural analysis
in relation to the literature, or another topic with approval).
Master and Man and Call of the Wild (options: Nature vs. nurture, human foibles, the humbling power of the
natural world, or another topic with approval).
The House of Mirth and Invisible Man (options: social “invisibility,” differences in the sexes’/genders’
perceptions of events, or another topic with approval).
The Metamorphosis and The House of Mirth (options: asexuality/rejection of sexual norms, self-imposed
isolationism, alienation, or another topic with approval).
Requirements: Write a minimum 5-page (FULL PAGES), double-spaced, researched essay on one of the topics
above. Conduct research of secondary sources (see the annotated bibliography assignment for guidelines on the
sources) to help you develop a stronger understanding of your chosen topic. In addition, make sure to include at
least five (one from each secondary source) quoted passages with signal phrases that effectively synthesize the
other authors’ “voices” into the essay. Most importantly, develop a judgment (with supporting evidence) that
expresses your specific reaction to how your chosen thematic concern plays out in the piece of literature; this
will serve as your thesis statement.
Criteria for success:
1. Follow formatting and length guidelines.
2. Include a thesis statement that includes a judgment about one (only one) of the topics in the assignment
3. Write fully developed paragraphs that contain topic sentences, discussion, evidence, analysis, and summative
comments. Avoid using long quotations as filler in place of discussion and analysis.
4. Make sure your topic sentences are judgments, and that they are related in some way to the overarching thesis
5. Write effective introductions and conclusions.
6. Follow MLA formatting guidelines for in-text citations and the works cited page.
7. Effectively synthesize primary and secondary source materials into your essays with introductions/signal
8. Develop an effective writing style that employs active verbs, concise wording, and clearly articulated ideas.
Avoid 2nd person, vague words (“things”), and shifts in perspective.
9. Follow standard written English rules for punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

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