Please write a reflection essay about current semester. The name of the course was “Principles of Systems Analysis and Design

Please write a reflection essay about current semester. The name of the course was “Principles of Systems Analysis and Design”. We built a Doctor’s office scheduling systems in the semester. Please see below about Course Description, Learning outcome and Assignments. Based on the information provided below, please write a reflection essay mentioning that what we have learned by building a scheduling systems.
Course Description
Introduces the methodologies, models, tools, and techniques used in modern system development. Topics covered include: project life‐cycle models, project management techniques, requirements elicitation, use‐case analysis, business rules, system design approaches, and graphic modeling with the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Offers students an opportunity to analyze and document a business case, complete a system analysis and design model and prepare a project plan.
Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)
Upon completion the course students will have had the opportunity to
• Create a simple business case that identifies project scope and relevant stakeholders, then presents a simple cost/benefit analysis for a proposed IT solution to a business problem
• Define and prioritize functional and non-functional systems requirements for an unstructured business problem/case study.
• Create a model with standard tools such as UML to document the analysis findings for a business problem/case study
• Identify data appropriate to a problem domain and create a high-level data model to address the data requirements.
• Design basic System and User Interfaces and discuss how they adhere to widely available standards and guidelines.
• Compare the advantages and disadvantages of alternative design choices for platforms, networks and software components for a proposed IT solution.
• Prepare plans for applications development, testing and deployment for a proposed IT solution.
1 Interview Questions 1 9/11 10
1 SWOT Analysis 9/18 10
1 Financial Business Case 9/25 10
2 Interview Questions 2 10/2 10
2 Gap Analysis 10/9
2 Use Case 5
2 Build or Buy Analysis 10/16 10
3 Cost of Ownership Analysis 10/23 10
3 Interface Design 11/6 3.3
3 Systems Architecture Model 3.3
3 Scrum Plan & Backlog 3.4
4 Implementation Plan and UAT 11/20 10
NA Reflection Ex. 12/4 10

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