PESTEL report: A comprehensive environmental analysis of Costco Wholesale in BC

PESTEL report: A comprehensive environmental analysis of a BC business or a new venture

  1. Critical Thinking and Written Analyses Rubric – Scale Description
  2. All critical issues/questions are addressed completely in the writing.
  3. Analysis includes insightful questions; Refutes bias; Discusses issues thoroughly; Critiques content; Values information; Examines inconsistencies; Offers extensive detail support conclusions and recommendations; Suggests solutions or implementation.
  4. Considers multiple perspectives; Thoroughly delves into the issues/ questions; Thoroughly discusses facts relevant to the issues.
  5. Assimilates and critically reviews information, uses reasonable judgment, and provides balanced, well justified conclusions.
  6. All sections of the paper are linked. There are no contradictions in the writing. All issues, recommendations and explanations make sense and are well integrated.

Weights associated with different sections of a paper/report (suggested)

Topics Comments Max. Grade
Problem Statement (10%)
·         The problem of the organization is clearly defined, e.g. the essential issue(s) and its variables are foregrounded in the discussion.
Problem Statement (10%)
Analysis (40%)
·         There is a clear and logically-supported conceptual schema or model that is used to analyze the problem at hand.
·         The analysis is connected to evidence [from the case]
·         The model references the primary source of the ideas or concepts being used.
·         Key stakeholders are identified, and their needs accurately assessed
Analysis (40%)
Implications (30%)
·         The implications follow clearly from the model and/or concepts used
·         The implications are supported by clear evidence
·         Claims and explanations are backed with in-text references to sources.
Implications (30%) 30
Style/Mechanics (20%)
·         Citations/reference page follow APA guidelines
·         Properly cites ideas/info from other sources
·         Rules of grammar, usage, punctuation are followed
·         Spelling is correct
·         Sentences are complete, clear, and concise
·         Sentences are well-constructed with consistently strong, varied structure
·         Transitions between sentences/paragraphs/ sections help maintain the flow of thought
·         Words used are precise and unambiguous
·         The tone is appropriate to the audience, content, and assignment
Style/ Mechanics (20%)
Grade on 100   100


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