MARKETING PLAN for Nationwide Property Assistance

• Develop a marketing plan that will help npa24:7 achieve one of its main objectives of acquiring 10,000 new
Home Emergency Expert (retail) customers by 2021.
• The product offered under the Home Emergency Expert brand may evolve to meet or improve upon customer
offers, but it must be targeted at specific and identifiable segments of the market to optimise marketing spend
(2/3 viable customer segments)
• npa24:7 have a unique relationship with house builders and their customers due to their role in delivering
emergency repairs during the two-year warranty provided with a new home. By Q1 2021, customers will be able
to manage their policies, report and track claims by call, online, through webchat, by SMS and e-mail and switch
between these channels.
• Conduct an STP analysis for npa24:7 i.e. emerging/new market trends, targeting decisions, positioning strategy
including perceptual mapping.
• Suggest relevant marketing mix decisions for npa24:7. You are expected to review the entire mix (7 Ps)
however, feel free to develop some elements of the mix in more depth in order to achieve the above company

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