Investigate the Multifaceted Role of a Social Worker in the Change Process

Prepare a critical analysis in response to the following in the form of a case study:
Identify the family members you would initially meet with, and then indicate which questions would help with
this decision. (three minimum) Grandmother, Child, Mother.
Determine who your clients would be. If third party insurance must be billed, indicate how you would explain
the need to complete a DSM-5 diagnosis. (Express the way you would say it to the clients.)
Illustrate how you would assess safety for the family and yourself. Include a minimum of three questions you
would ask.
Indicate how you would ask about the family’s strengths and resources. (word it the way you would ask the
Analyze the cultural/ethnic/religious beliefs that must be considered. Include a minimum of three questions you
would ask to help clarify this.
Confirm which social work ethics must be considered. Include a minimum of three questions you would ask to
help clarify this.
Briefly explain what you would need to cover for informed consent.
Explain any possible countertransference issues that may need to be addressed. In general terms, document what
sensitive personal experiences and/or issues these raise.
Reveal the type of information you might self-disclose. Explain your purpose with this self-disclosure and what
you would hope to accomplish. Would you return hugs from children, from mother, from father? Why or why
Provide three questions you would ask social work supervisor about your case.
Explore the theory(s) of intervention you would use and be sure to support your decision.
Indicate a possible psycho-educational intervention you could include.
Provide a minimum of three possible resources for the client/family.
Outline a rough draft of your proposed treatment plan and provide at least three questions that would help
determine this.
Select a possible homework assignment for your client/family. You have been assigned to provide family
therapy to reintegrate a 6-year-old Hispanic girl and her parents as safety and the treatment process allows. It
was determined that she was sexually abused by her father and likely other men in exchange for drugs. Both of
her parents reportedly are meth addicts with a reputation for dealing drugs. Her father has been in prison for
robbery. Her mother, who has previously been in therapy for PTSD for early childhood sexual abuse, suffers
from depression and dissociates frequently. The girl is staying with her maternal grandmother who only speaks

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