how aspects of your social location will impact your work with Indigenous Peoples as mental health worker

Make the following changes
• Please redo the introduction . It is not clear what you are going to do
• -use more short paragraphs as opposed to long ones
• -be careful with saying ‘handle them’ ,replace it by work with Indigenous populations or something similar
• -concentrate on your social location, start the introduction by saying what are the various identities that you
• -Talk about what social identity is. Social Identity refers to the various identities that you hold based on your
ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc., talk about it in connection to the work as a mental health
worker working with Indigenous people. Talk about how the entitlements and disadvantages that various
identities give you and how they are relevant to the social service work with Indigenous communities, how do
they shape your values and assumptions as a mental health worker that influence your work with Indigenous
• -when you say that you have used Indigenous worldviews, expand…how have you used them in your practice
as a mental health worker.
• When talking about Indigenous people, talk about the political issues that affect them such as colonization and
its effects
• -you talk about your present role as a nurse, concentrate more on the role that the mental health provider would
have. Please remove the role as a nurse to a role as a social service worker or a mental health worker. This is a
central role for this paper. You talk about it but later on -when talking about the effects of drug use, also, look at
the causes

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