Exponential Population Growth/ Logistical Population Growth

19.2 Exponential Population Growth
Review the concept of exponential population growth ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6pcRR5Uy6w) as
explained by Mr. Anderson, then apply the equation to answer the following question.
You are studying a population of Northern Elephant Seals on the Santa Cruz coast. In the initial population,
(time zero), you count 200 individuals, 80 pups are born, but 20 pups do not survive to return to the beach one
year later, in addition 20 adults fail to return.
What is r for your population? If the growth rate remains constant for the next 10 years how many seals will be
present in the population? Post: Explain how you calculate r for this population, then calculate N population
19.3 Logistical Population Growth
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXlyYFXyfIM Review the concepts used to model Logistic population growth
as explained by Mr. Anderson, then apply this knowledge to answer the following questions in your post.
Post: Answer the following questions, then alculate the number of new individuals that would be added to this
population according to the logistical population growth equation.
Q: What is the equation for logistical population growth? Assume that for the Elephant Seal population the
population at last census was 1000 individuals, the population growth rate (r), is 0.2 carrying capacity is 1200.
Q: How many individuals will be added to the population in the current year?

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