Explain what app and business information solution you have selected, and why. Our business name is Netsurf, we are fibre broadband provider, and we operate within the utility sector.

Q1. Explain what app and business information solution you have selected, and why.
Our business name is Netsurf, we are fibre broadband provider, and we operate within the utility sector. The composition and dynamics within our sector have been framed out with Porter five forces analysis.
Our research has shown that:
There is low risk of new entrants, because the high infrastructure cost, low price services, government regulations and the changing customer demand are very hard barriers for new companies to enter the market. The Threat of substitutes is also low because of the high switching costs, additionally customers will have to buy new broadband equipment and pay all the expenses for installation and line rental. Overall prices for broadband services are relatively similar. Providers have lowered their rates to the minimum and are offering various plans and packages to the customer with reduced prices which means that there is high risk of buyer’s power. Looking at the competitive rivalry there is high risk as internet service providers such as BT (25%), Sky (24%), and Virgin Media (20%) have already captured the majority of the market which is a potential threat to our company.
The products and services that we sell are:
• broadband
• mobile and television services
• variety of additional offers such as phones & accessories
• bundled offers of broadband, mobile and TV services.
We provide special offers such as free trial for the first 2 weeks, gift vouchers, student discounts and loyalty points.
What makes our services attractive is that we offer them to the customers with a minimum contract term of 6 months, in that way we are giving flexibility to the customer and we are also able to gain competitive advantage.
How do we deliver our offer to the customers and stakeholders – we provide them with connectivity and communication services, while providing brilliant experiences that build trusting relationships and build loyalty. They mainly buy our services on contracts, monthly or recurring subscriptions which provides us with ongoing revenue.
Our employees receive salaries, pension contributions,
additional benefits and opportunities for career, development and training.
Our communities benefit from us protecting the environment and make society more connected.
Our proposed app is Netsurf manager and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is our business information solution. A CRM software helps to measure, monitor, and analyse all data any business has with its current and potential customers. It provides the businesses ease of access by centralizing, simplifying, and securing information. In our broadband company, a CRM app can aid and enhance the sales and improve engagement with the customers (Bocij, Greasle and Hickie, 2019). Our proposed CRM app will promote the growth of the business through the following features:
Account management – This would enable customers to create account with all their personal details such as name, address and contact details. They would be able to view and manage their account, track data usage, see/change existing plan. Additionally, we would be able to use this data for lead generation.
Sales Management – this will enable us to view lead status details; capture strong and potential clients; focus on selling and look for opportunities for growth.
Trouble Ticketing – It helps to receive the ticket for any problem and then track, diagnose, and resolve the problem. It will generate the tickets through, online submission, or other options provided in the app, close the ticket after completion.
Customer Care and Billing System – It helps the customers to view and manage their bills on the go, they would be able to pay by debit or credit card, set up direct debit, update payment details or delay upcoming payments for up to one month.
Network monitoring – this service provides immediate detection and alert to the relevant team for any devices that are experiencing downtime within the network, which eliminates the need for the customer to get in touch with an operator, which in turn will reduce significantly the waiting time for the customer and create a better client retention.
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